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Our First Blog Entry

february, 2018

These months has been really cold - not been able to do much as snow and very cold temperatures have stop all our projects at the moment, hurry up and go "beast from the East".

Our Second Blog Entry


Pressure washer serviced and tested all ready for booked work to be done. As we can actually see the driveways and patios and not snow.  Happy Easter everyone!

Our Latest Blog Entry

May, 2018

Well now the pressure wash cleaning season is off with a good splattering of sun shine. Re-sanding has been a bit of a hit and miss affair as we need it to be dry for at least 48 hours between cleaning and sanding. As kiln dried sand must be dry as otherwise it will clump up and not go into the joints of the block paving. 

Well the season is well underway, I have met some fantastic customers this week. My window washing skills have got better since last year, I think its down to the new squeegee.